Cryptborn - Into The Grasp Of The Starving Dead

From Finland, playing proper old school death metal, Cryptborn come at you with their debut EP release. This is a style and genre that is a personal favourite, whilst many purists harp back to the glory days, there are plenty of bands in 2011 flying the flag for a crushing piece of death metal, and this is certainly the case for Cryptborn in their debut effort. I have bought, lived and breathed this release for a number of weeks prior to receiving it for review, so I have in all honesty got a particular passion for this album, but unusually, this does not only stop with the powerful, rotten guitar tone that usually provides my many hours of excitement.  There are a lot of slower tracks, they get your blood boiling, but I sometimes hunger a little bit more speed, a little bang for my bucks. But what maybe missing from about a third of the release is made up for in other areas. The vocals are ungodly, harrowing, eerie and fulfilling. The guitar leads make their statement but do not get overtly technical so as to spoil the mix, they are well balanced. ‘A Nebulous Parting’ really hits the guttural sewer and such is brutally down tuned, the barrage of music grooves and battles ahead; sometimes you lose the vocals in the mix and the riff repetition sometimes becomes lost in your mind, but don’t let that dampen your spirits.

Whilst not one of the most memorable old school dirty rotten death metal releases of the year, I cannot argue with the concept and ideas that pay homage to a glorious reborn genre. From the band name to this final recorded output, Cryptborn writhe around in filth and nastiness making this an admirable effort, but it is a starter, one hopes the main course will be that ever so slightly more polished on their next effort but it’s certainly one to add to the collection for fans of this genre.

  1. A Feast For The Grave (Intro)
  2. Gift Of Rotten Flesh
  3. In The Grasp Of The Starving Dead
  4. A Nebulous Parting
  5. Rotten Gates Of Heaven
  6. Never Perfect When You die
  7. Atonement From Hell