Cryptic Brood - Outcome Of Obnoxious Science

An uppercut punch in the face is Cryptic Brood's second full length album. Released 2 years after their debut "Brain Eater" (2017) is an amalgam of crawling old school death metal and the most drowning to despair moments of doom metal. "Outcome of Obnoxious Science" is released from War Anthem Records one year after Cryptic Brood's "Infectious Decay" split with the Japanese masters of Death/Doom Anatomia. Cryptic Brood is a down tuned power trio doom/death ensemble. They build their songs upon a filthy sequence of sludgy guitar chords or one-string guitar themes and this alone is enough to fascinate the old school death/doom metal fans.

Cryptic Brood's vocals are of multiple layers and although Dennis Butzke is the lead singer handling also the bass duties, the drummer Steffen Brandes and the guitarist Michael Lehner perform backing vocals. In Cryptic Brood there is a mid ranged vocal line that will often end in an open mouth screeching or a scream while a second layer of a more brutal tone will underline melody resulting to something more abyssic and deadly.

Some standout moments in this nicely flowing album were: 'Harrowing Hallucinations' with its gloriously degradation to the abyss beatdown doom part that is sure to destroy you. Fans of funeral doom/death and bands like Worship (Ger) or Thergothon will surely dig this one. In 'Mantled With The Stench Of Death' the doom part in the middle of the song is followed by an uprising mid tempo ala Impetigo/Repulsion part that ends up in an almost grind way. Cryptic Brood don't have standards when it comes to structuring their songs. Instead of having standards, they set their own standards which they wisely use for their music's benefit. These standards include their honest love for old school death metal aggression combined with the desperation that doom metal carries.

Listening to 'Wading Through Remains' I totally loved Steffen Brandes' snare drum. It is Autopsy/Repulsion driven and far from modern polished productions in a way that reminded me the also German band Moder (R.I.P.). The lead guitar may sound the exact opposite of technical, an early Slayer-ish solo, yet it delivers the exact right atmosphere for Cryptic Brood's style and I absolutely dig it. In the same titled 'Outcome Of Obnoxious Science' the atmosphere is asphyxiating with the opening doom riff conquering the cosmos over mutilated flesh which were left to rot in lakes of pus and blood. The mid tempo riff to follow soon slows down to reveal their Candlemass influences. The sick and weird progress of the chords is followed by the pounding bass and is rather confusing me of what's to come, but still remains utterly charming. In the end of the song the bass plays a bridge and then a punkish Autopsy riff breaks and progresses to a grinding end up in screams!

'Haunted By Nightmarish Visions' starts with another pounding punk riff that will make people mosh in every live show. The fast pace is wisely paused by breaks to let the song breathe. The beatdown of Cryptic Brood is no trendy hardcore stuff. It is a doom break! The melodic line at the end of the song is hauntingly brilliant. 'Coated With Human Skin' starts off with a guitar noise that has a Dead Congregation aura. The bass is imperious and steady while the drums color the atmosphere. The vocals are torn with pain as if between life and death. This is a really nicely performed old school song. It sounds like a leftover from some old Divine Eve, Winter or Funebre demo stuff. 'Relish In Ecstasy' is the final track of this great album. It features all the characteristics Cryptic Brood carry in their music and is a great and powerful way to end the album. The band pays such attention to the detail that even their very last-closing riff of the album is very memorable.

So, if you like Rotten Metal of Death and bands like Autopsy, Necrophagia, Repulsion, Anatomia, Coffins to name only a few, then it would be a wise decision to check Cryptic Brood out. I think not only you won't regret it, but "Outcome Of Obnoxious Science" will remain in your player for a long time.

In few days, Cryptic Brood play in Athens, Greece in Athens Extreme Vol.I (November 10th, 2019) which coincides with their "In The Grip Of Death" European Tour 2019 final route. They will share the stage with Haemophagus (Ita) and it sounds like an interesting line-up.


1. Biting Through Flesh
2. Harrowing Hallucinations
3. Mantled With The Stench Of Death
4. Wading Through Remains
5. Slaves Of Hypnotic Commands
6. Ferocious Torment
7. Outcome Of Obnoxious Science
8. Haunted By Nightmarish Visions
9. Interlude
10. Coated With Human Skin
11. Relish In Ecstasy