Cuntscrape/DeathFuckingCunt – Splitroast

There have been bands at odds on splits before, but the Split Roast with Prime Cuts Music mates, Cuntscrape and DeathFuckingCunt could not be more severe for bands on the same label. I assume the collection was decided upon because both bands are porn-core bands with grind and brutal death elements. These similarities, however, are where the overlap ends as their respective sounds are QUITE different.

Cuntscrape prefers direct and constant deferment to pornography, its business, and its recorded acts in songs and between tracks in audio-snippet format. I do not always reject this album structure but I do this time even though it does break the texture well. The effect is one of tired comedy – it does not represent artistic integrity. I am of the humble opinion that if a band’s attitude is right and songs are crafted with enough originality, then referrals to some subject matter do not necessarily improve an album’s response. Of course, I do have to admit my bias against comedy as Cuntscrape’s fellow Aussies, The Berzerker, refer to acts of necrophilia, burials, and dismemberment in a habitual default. But with The Berzerker, those audio-snippets add tone, atmosphere, and proper texture. Also, The Berzerker is just simply heavier. Cuntscrape has a too much trash-death for my particular tastes. ‘Tis a shame that this bands holds the majority of track spaces on the disc because I have always wondered if trash-death marks the lack of effort that some bands want to invest and that they use the “trash-…” label as an excuse for low-grade metal art.

DeathFuckingCunt, on the other hand, has way fewer tracks, only four, marked by longer heavier playing that is developed from the start of each track to the end. Similarly to other bands who exhibit a certain confidence, there is no delay from the fist second the CD spins to the sounds that emanate from the speakers. DeathFuckingCunt blurts out of the gate. The effort exhibited on the split is miles higher than their split-mates. For instance, I think the comically titled, “Light Beer = Intense Queer,” reveals a band that both cares about metal itself and song-writing structure. I make the distinction because these two points are not (or so it seems to me) the same. The track opens with a brutal-death style all-on band assault but with the vocals as a growl only. That’s right, no words in the intro seconds to this track. The element of low low brutal death style vocals are used a lot in certain sub genres. We know that, but to open the track with them draws attention to the form itself. Brilliant. The band is committed to metal and is sure in its commitment to the elements in it. The same track, however, also changes up. Eventually the lead guitar accompaniments jump in, the vocals work up to different textures, and the rhythms drive to variant tempos throughout. A quality effort indeed.

Splitroast represents two or Prime Cuts Music’s artists. Both are good, but DeathFuckingCunt is by far the strongest on this release.

  1. Cuntscrape - The Veiny Shaft Of Justice
  2. Cuntscrape - Breastaurant
  3. Cuntscrape - Finntrollop
  4. Cuntscrape - Technical Brutal Death Metal Song
  5. Cuntscrape - Face Breaks And Sperm Cakes
  6. Cuntscrape - Hommusexual
  7. Cuntscrape - Mayonnasian
  8. Cuntscrape - Dark Urinal
  9. Cuntscrape - Uncle Nasty Fingers
  10. Cuntscrape - Technical Brutal Death Metal Song (Extended Ron
    Jeremy Remix)
  11. Cuntscrape – Slits Slots Sluts
  12. DeathFuckingCunt - Flexus Pexus
  13. DeathFuckingCunt -
  14. DeathFuckingCunt - Light Beer = Intense Queer
  15. DeathFuckingCunt - Insane Cumscore

Prime Cuts Music
Reviewer: Jesse
Dec 3, 2009
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