Curimus - Humanity... For Sale

Finland always got a huge and pulsating Metal scene. Just think of bands like Demigod, Torsofuck, Rotten Sound, Impaled Nazarene or Children Of Bodom to name just a few. Curimus is another act hailing from the cold Finnish spheres and “Humanity… For Sale” is the bands third demo after the release of “Curimus” in 2006 and “Under My Skin” in 2008. These guys from northern Europe are obviously influenced by such renowned bands like Machine Head, newer Sepultura and Soulfly. Heavy, down tuned and precise riffs meet sometimes groovy, sometimes a bit faster drum parts and aggressive vocals - all combined in a crystal clear production for your listening pleasure. “Masked Reality” was enhanced with some percussion stuff and the end of “Bleeding For Nothing“ comes with a short accoustic outro, but that´s the only unexpected surprises on this release. The three songs on “Humanity… For Sale” are surely thought-out and suitable for fans of the before mentioned bands, but unfortunately nothing really new or extremely innovative. Altogether it´s still an interesting demo with a total playing time of about 14 minutes in an appealing sound quality, but a bit more independence or some faster parts every now and then would make this release even more entertaining. Nevertheless, fans of groovy and modern Metal should give Curimus a try.



  1. Havoc Mind

  2. Masked Reality

  3. Bleeding For Nothing

Self released
Reviewer: Alex
Nov 23, 2009

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