D.I.S. - Critical Failure

Consisting of e.g. Impaled and Phobia members, D.I.S. unleash a blistering blend of D-Beat violence and Thrash Metal. “Critical Failure” is the bands debut album and contains about 26 minutes of music. Pretty short and the combination of Thrash Metal and Crustcore isn´t very innovative, too, but the guys of D.I.S. know how to blow you away with their compositions. The first thing that came into my mind was the very Swedish sounding production. No, not that typical Death Metal sound - I´m talking about the early Hardcore acts. Imagine a crisp recording quality without a high-end polish and you´re damn close to what “Critical Failure” contains: raw, straight-to-your-face stuff including some of best Crustcore riffs I heard in recent years. The punkish D-Beat drumming is also pretty enjoyable and I´m sure this release will bring back some nostalgic feelings to a lot of aging old school followers as well as younger supporters of the scene. As you can expect, the vocals on this album aren´t down the Cookie Monster road. Quite the contrary: in fact they sound like a cool mixture of Slayer´s Tom Araya and Slapshot´s Jack Kelly. “Critical Failure” has its own dynamics and moves on contantly to serve the fans with what they´re longing for. Nevertheless, there are a few points of criticism. At first the aforementioned total playing time. Come on guys, 30 minutes should be the minimum for a full length release. The next one is the sometimes a bit sloppy sounding performance. This might be caused by the production, but I think experienced musicians like the D.I.S. dudes could have been somewhat more precisely.

”Critical failure” didn´t reinvent the wheel, but it doubtlessly has its cool moments and will surely find its friends among the masses of Crust and Punk lunatics. If you´re interested, don´t hesitate to check D.I.S. out.

  1. Speak Of Hate

  2. Veil Of Greed

  3. Fake

  4. C.F.

  5. Marked To The Vein

  6. Lamentations

  7. Extend This Misery

  8. Bloodwolf

  9. Leigon

  10. Bleed Forward

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Reviewer: Alex
Oct 25, 2010

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