DAD - Scare Yourself

DAD is from Denmark and playing around for 20 years now. This album is already released in 2005 but rereleased in 2006 with a bonus track and videoclip. DAD makes hooky rock music which is guitar orientated and good clean vocals. I have listened the album a couple of times but it is not shocking or opening new frontiers for me. It is just an album you put on and after a while you noticed it has stopped. Maybe the diehard fans of DAD really think this album is their best work but I will put it in my CD collection and it will stay there for a loooong time.

1. Lawrence Of Suburbix
2. A Good Day (To Give It Up)
3. Scare Yourself
4. No Hero
5. Hey Now
6. Camping In Scandinavia
7. Unexplained
8. Little Addict
9. Dirty Fairytale
10. Allright
11. Last Chance To Change
12. You Filled My Head
Sanctuary Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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