Daemusinem - Daemusinem Domine Empire

Formed in 1999 Daemusinem releases their debut in the form of a 8 track disc with a good mixture of fast, black and death metal in the swedish style. Focus on the melodic guitar riffs, drums that go in all gears, the music is fast but there are nice passages to slow down and go in speed again. So if you are into this kind of metal you sure like this quality metal music album.

1. Daemusinem
2. Domine Empire
3. Throne Of Illusions
4. Witch's Dream
5. Killers Of The Wood
6. Burning Souls
7. The Key Of The Realm Of Deads
8. Silence In The Water Mother Of Life
Cold Blood Industries
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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