Dagoba - What Hell Is About

Dagoba is a French band and is releasing their first album on Season Of Mist. Dagoba can be described as a crossover mix of Fear Factory, Pantera and Machine Head. Very tight and gunshot bassdrumming. Vocals are raw shouted and guitars are short riffing. The style on this album varies a lot as you hear pumping beats like in the first part of the album but on "Cancer" they going more towards nu metal. This album has a strong production and sounding modern but it still it is not saying much to me. I lost attention half way and at the end I already forgot what I heard earlier. For fans of the aformentioned bands it might by blasting.

1. What Hell Is About
2. Die Tomorrow (What If You Should?)
3. The Fall Of Men
4. The Man You're Not
5. Cancer
6. It's All About Time
7. The Things Apart
8. The Things Within
9. Livin' Dead
10. 042104
11. Morphine - The Apostle Of Your Last War
12. The White Guy (Suicide)
Season Of Mist
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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