Dakhma – Passageways To Daena

Dakhma is a one man black metal project from Switzerland. This first album was released independently back in 2015 and has been given a proper release by Godz ov War Productions and is given a nice digipak release.

“Passageways To Daena (The Concomitant Blessings Of Putrescing impurity)” is a nice mixed bag. It’s black metal but covers the broad spectrum the genre covers. We have the harsh and brutal to the ambient and desolate. Sometimes it merges into Death Metal territory which is reminiscent of Incantation in places. 'Where Shattered Minds Collide' sums this up nicely. The 'Ascension' trilogy which is the albums centre piece covers all this starting off with that windswept shredding guitars that feel like a blizzard is going through you. It has that feeling of winter and like your descending into the unknown. It has a brilliant atmosphere. Part 3 of the trilogy 'Chinvat' is an ambient track which breaks things up nicely. Carrying on with 'Consuming Of Nasu' starts off in a more traditional black metal way and brings to mind the newer material of Mayhem especially the Attila Csihar.

With two bonus tracks including a great cover of “Call From The Grave” by Bathory this is a nice package to pick up. I like this album it has a lot going on and more is revealed with every listen. It’s dark, murky and dirty. It has this nightmarish, foggy atmosphere. A great album to get lost in and a dark journey.

  1. Barashnûm (Defiled By Dead Flesh)
  2. Where Shattered Minds Collide (The Immortal March)
  3. Ascension (Flesh And Bone)
  4. Ascension II (The Light Eternal)
  5. Chinvat (Ascension III - Agony)
  6. Consuming The Nasu (of Shredded Impurity)
  7. Of Charred Flesh (Blessed By Illuminating Fire)
  8. The Silent Tower (Gather Ye Of Life)
  9. Call From The Grave (cover Bathory)
  10. Rite Of Daebaaman (The Spiritual Invocation Of Akem Manah)