Dalkhu – Lamentation And Ardent Fire

Eastern European three piece Dalkhu release their third full length album "Lamentation And Ardent Fire" . A strong mixed bag of atmospheric melancholy black metal.

Opening track 'Profanity Galore' build things up before unleashing a mixture of sounds and moods. The riffage takes from the classic Dissection tradition mixing speed and melody. The riffs paint a picture rather than attack the listener.

'I Am” has a real sorrowful, morbid feel to it with the opening riff before the double kick drums lift the song off. Although it has a different sound production wise in terms of song writing I get the same vibe of Gorgoroth or even Burzum. The way the riffs repeat in that hypnotic way and lead into melodies and there is hidden melodies and licks interwoven in the main body of the song. 'Rime' is a prime example of this. You picture the forests and the winter covered desolate lands. The beautiful artwork and photography in the booklet reflects this also.

'A Race Without Hope' takes things in a different direction with a catchy riff backed up with a post punk rhythm, it has an almost industrial feel to it. It’s a slow burner but once it gets going the album has a lot to offer and the effort pays off. "Lamentation And Ardent Fire" is a deep album with many layers that requires a few listens but there is a lot going on.

Again, if you like your black metal with mixed influences rather than going for the throat. Take your Gorgoroth’s and even your Celtic Frost’s but at the more experimental end then this is for you. A good album to spend time getting lost in.


1. Profanity Galore
2. I Am...
3. Rime
4. A Race Without Hope
5. Gaps of Existence
6. The Dead Sleep With Their Eyes Open
7. Night