Damnation Army - Circle Of The Brave

This is a one Swedish man musical creation along the lines of a slow tempo black metal style but also includes various other musical influences. Catchy riffs and interesting solo work really make this album's signature. "Circle Of The Brave" has a funky sort of groove that mixes into reminissances of a thrash sound with an older black metal feeling yet still manages to keep it's sound new and fresh. It isn't everyday that a one man band manages to impress me the way Damnation Army did with "Circle Of The Brave" and I am giving this one a 4/5.

1. Resurrect My Demon 

2. 999 Devils Descent 

3. Last Breath 

4. Angels Of The Underworld 

5. Dark Ones Misery 

6. Manipulated Dream Design 

7. Upon The Bleeding Horns 

8. I 

9. Pha-Luteria
Mascot Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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