Dance Club Massacre - Circle Of Death

Chicago is the place where it all happens. Dance Club Massacre is a group of individuals with the same interest. Their lifestyle consists of five B's. Beer, Babes, Blody slams, brutality and board games and this can be heard back into their tunes and in their songtitles. These 11 tracks (including a 27.30 minute bonus song) are offering a diversity of ideas and influences. Metalcore songs that are speedy with rapids of bass drums and with vocals that go in the direction of Cradle. Even some death growls as a second line. Keyboards that give the atmospheric element like Dimmu does. Maybe they are not convincing on every detail but Dance Club Massacre is also into a good laugh. And when you see the artwork you know they have humour as it is aweful and together with the bandname it is your first laugh when picking up this album. When you are going to listen to this you must be blank and just enjoy it. And if you remember their five B's you are going to google this dance club in Chicago.

Written for AEA Zine #15

1. Risk Is My Business...And Business Is Risky
2. Brewtality
3. Ode To The Barracuda
4. Shenanigans
5. Return Of The Blood Monsters
6. Have You Ever Chopped A Wolf_
7. Deuces Shoeless Vs The Double Dribbles
8. Hoosh Hoosh
9. Countdown To Annihilation
10. Who Are You, And What Have You Done With Six_
11. Untitled

Black Market Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 5, 2010

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