Danforth - No Fear 2 Bleed

Danforth is a hardcore band from Paris, France ofcourse, and founded in 2003. The current line up consist of the founding members and ex-members from Covenant, StreetLaw and Trapped In Life. The already released three demos before they come with their debut EP on Deadlight Entertainment. The EP consist of 5 tracks and an intro that easily could be a short song as it consist of music and vocals. It is a bit of shouting and a few vocal lines over an instrumental track of 1:23 minutes.

When the so called intro is over the band falls in and the remaining 5 tracks show a hardcore style that should be familiair with you. Beside the aggressive shouted lyrics you get up tempo paced parts mixed with mosh parts. Nice tunes to enjoy in a little venue and mosh around. The aggressive vocals have an interaction with background vocals. These are not shouting or grunting but are done in hip hop in the French language. This gives the songs of Danforth an extra twist.

The EP comes in a nice digipack package with the predator breaking loose. But it can also be downloaded from their official site. I suggest you take a listen to their songs on Myspace and decide yourself if you can mosh on these tunes.

1. Intro
2. Justice
3. Predator
4. Lie Empire
5. Skizophrenia
6. Back To Trouble

Deadlight Entertainment
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 30, 2009

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