Danny Tanner - The Finest Grind

This band from New Jersey, USA is something of a pleasure to hear and their CD The Finest grind is certainly worth the time and the dough (The CD is only $8 from them directly at their Myspace page. Just pay through Paypal and get the CD in the mail). You will not be disappointed. The Finest Grind is heavy for sure but the project is only run by two people. One does all the guitars and some programming while the other guy does all the vocals and the rest of the programming. That’s right, I said programming. I at first noticed certain similar elements to that strange distortion that permeates all Berzerker’s work. Well, that sound is the work of certain electronic effort added to the rest of the band’s playing. Danny Tanner does the same thing. In fact, probably even more so as there are only two members in it while Berzerker has a couple more.

This is not a derivative band in any way even though it seems I am drawing certain connections between Berzerker and Danny Tanner. Danny Tanner also breaks up its heavy death grinds with recordings from some commercials and films the way Berzerker breaks up its music, except Danny Tanner does not include news reports of mass suicides or men marching into machine gun slaughters. It includes lines like “Why not just tell the truth” which sounds like it could be from a commercial. Which one is of course outside my realm of knowledge but it does sounds like it. There is also a line from some guy who sounds like he is selling laundry detergent talking about a life-killing force from the dark. It’s very funny and so very entertaining. Like the way Sam Bean’s The Senseless embraces fun and real metal style in unity. Danny Tanner does seem to be having fun screaming grind core vocals over very tight metal riffs while talking about fried chicken and parodying KFC’s The Colonel on its own artwork and Myspace banners. The effect is heavy, like I said from the beginning, but there is also an effect that the band works hard on its grinds but also does not take itself too seriously in it all. This CD will bring a lot of pleasure to most real metal listeners.

1. 897 Fugitives
2. Beheaded Victim
3. The Running Monk
4. An International Fried Chicken Ambassador
5. Dr. Millionaire
6. A Grin Of Disgust
7. Work Of God
8. Tunnel AVisos
9. That Certain Aspect
10. Overwhelming Profit Margins
11. Nonexistant
12. 1:16
Manicidic Records
Reviewer: Jesse
Feb 26, 2009

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