Dark Age - Dark Age

This is the 5th album by Dark Age and with the same tilte. Don't think they will enter a dark period now after this release. The sound is good and very heavy. Melodic death metal with an aggressive voice combined with clean one and with different guestvocals. Powerful drums, catchy melodies and nice guitars. There is alo an accoustic song and togehter with the cover of Ozzy this is a diverse album and worth listening.

1. Fix the focus
2. Zero
3. Dare to collapse
4. Pulse of minority
5. Neokillers
6. Nikita
7. My own darkness
8. Neurosis 404
9. The elegy of a forgotten sience
10. Suicide solution (cover Ozzy Osbourne)
Remedy Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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