Dark At Dawn - Of Decay And Desire

Dark At Dawn is working hard to get more known in the scene of power metal. They come with their new album "Of Decay And Desire" with 12 tunes of dark yet romantic metal. Various tempo styles are played even ballad likewise. Clean vocals that lean a bit towards aggression. The structure of the songs are oke with guitarleads, multiple vocalchorus and the tempobreaks. Along with the good production this could be a breaktru for the band to a bigger audience.

1. The sleepwalker
2. End of ice - warriorqueen
3. Luna
4. Maid of stone
5. Forever
6. The 5th horsemen
7. ...And the sea wept
8. Soulitude
9. Fair well
10. Weltenbrand
11. One night fall
12. The rose of tears
AFM Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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