Dark Desolation - Blasphemous Pestilence

Formed in the year 2010, Dark Desolation are a Black metal band from Bangalore (India). The Band consists of Vocalist Maggot, Guitars Shreddaj, and Dharm, bassist Jake, drums Karthik. The following is a review of the EP "Blasphemous Pestilence", which was released in July 2012.

Like most black metal Dark Desolation is not for the casual listener. Fans of the genre will be enthralled with the quintet’s take on the scene; witch appreciates an emphasis for atmosphere over structure.

The band comes in with the song of their names sake 'Dark Desolation'. Immediately you’re drawn into its eerie and captivating intro before being suddenly slapped awake with violent drum blasts from Karthik. Guitarists Shreddaj, and Dharm  set the pace to which can only be described as manic, one will sympathise with bassist Jake who has to somehow keep this mayhem cohesive a paradox he’s pulls off well. Meanwhile Maggot projects a persona filled with malevolent intent. Due to the brutality of his vocals I find myself compelled to re-listening to these songs, hoping to piece together its direction to solve the puzzle of the intended message.

Where Dark Desolation leaves off 'Catechetical Somniloquence' feels more of a continuation of its predecessor. At first keeping the pace, to then slowing right down giving the impression this EP was always intended for a live audience who could put the energy this band give off to good use. Catechetical Somniloquence would give an audience a much needed breather before 'Futile Dogma'.
Starting off very similar to Dark Desolation I feared I would hear very much the same thing. Thankfully my fears where for naught as we’re treated, to a lot more melody, a guitar solo, also an ending that sounds remarkably like a Tibetan singing bowl .

We then move on to 'Insestuous Catacombs' brings in the momentum of Dark Desolation, with the variation of Futile Dogma. It proves to be a potent hybrid.
With each song on this EP your being continually psyched up to the final a cover of Dark Funeral’s 'Secrets Of The Black Arts' which serves as the cherry on top of a delightful EP.



  1. Dark Desolation
  2. Catechetical Somniloquence
  3. Futile Dogma
  4. Insestuous Catacombs
  5. Secrets of The Black Arts (cover Dark Funeral)