Dark Domination - Let Satan Through Our Lips

Dark Domination's "let satan speak through our lips" has a cold sterile feeling which im assuming was the plan for sure being black metal, but however the songs seem fairly mid-pacedfor the whole length of the album. These guys are all the way from Latvia and use their eastern origins for influence on their lyrical content which is is kinda cool but  I kept getting the feeling the music should be stepping up a gear but unfortunately stayed at one pace right the way through. i find the use of interludes between every other track abit  much but i suppose, depending on the listener, this will build towards the overall atmosphere. However the interludes are long and drawn out which sometimes would make the listener lose abit of interest. The production has the vibe of mayhem and early emperor and the like so you get the picture and know what to expect. The sound is quite raw which again adds to the feel of the album.

The highlight track for me was the title track,"let satan speak through our lips" which was the song that had the most tempo changes and maintained my interest the most.
I think if the band embraced some more tempo changes to almost step up the intensity these guys could come out with a real fuckin evil sounding black metal album but until then its fairly midpaced amongst really long interludes which consist of ethereal noises. now dont get me wrong, this is not a bad album by any means but it does come across as plain generic black metal which to the black metal purist, may not appeal to some.

1. 666
2. Hordes Of The Godless
3. 666
4. Under The Emperor`s Wings
5. 666
6. Satan`s Worshipper
7. 666
8. Let Satan Speak Through Our Lips
9. 666
10. Against The Liar
11. 666
12. Forest`s Secret
13. 666
14. Servants Of The Black Art
15. 666
16. Gloria Tibi, Lucifer!
17. Isanda Teenistuses (bonus)

Witchcraft Productions
Reviewer: Connor
Dec 11, 2009

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