Dark End - Damned Woman And A Carcass

This Italian band named Dark End was formed in 2005 by guitarist Jore Storchi. He wrote nine tracks and was searching for people to record them. After founding some guys the time came to record the songs for their debut album "Damned Woman And A Carcass". On this album you will not find the nine track but also an intro and outro and a cover of Joy Division. Dark End plays melodic black death metal with a glimps towards symphonic arrangemens. And for this symphonic you must think of piano and keyboards. Vocals are sounding like having a sore throat when talking or screaming. The founder of Dark End also pours out some good leads and the drummer (he is actually the drummer of the band Hatred) is also doing his job. When the last note fades away the conclusion is that you heard a nice album although far from original and it is a step. Composing of the songs could also need some attention to make a good progress for the next album.

1. Asking For Perfidious Poison (Intro)
2. Vampire
3. Sed Non Satiata
4. Destruction
5. Damned Women
6. De Profundis Clamavi
7. A Carcass
8. Obsession
9. Terrible Pleasures And Frightful Sweetness (Interlude)
10. The Two Good Sisters
11. The Dancing Serpent
12. Love Will Tears Us Apart (cover Joy Division)
Necrotorture Agency
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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