Dark Fortress - Stab Wounds

Third album of these German black metal bangers. Again songs that hail fury, darkness and emotion. The long songs are not only full speed ahead but also atmospheric parts, melodic elements and nice guitarleads are hidden in the tracks. Songs that are floating like a river through your eaers. Like their previous album they deliver an album of high standard with a diversity of black metal songs that can forfill your black and dark heart.

1. Iconoclasm omega
2. Self mutilation
3. Stab wounds
4. When 1000 crypts awake
5. Despise the living
6. A midnight poem
7. Rest in oblivion
8. Vanitas... no horizons
9. Like a somnambulist...
10. Sleep
11. Endtime
Black Attakk
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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