Dark Hamsters - Sawdust Exploration

The Polish of the Dark Hamsters have a quite different sonority. They say to be a Melodic Thrash Metal, but think that style is not fit in in the profile of the band. It is possible to find some elements of Thrash, however the music are very long and annoying. When the album arrived until your half i was already saturated. The second track is sung in Polish and in some moments she is hilarious owed to vocalist Tomasz Tomasik's form to sing her. The band is still young, with you meow some years they will become better.

1. Dark Hamsters
2. Filcowe Koleczka Wujka Saddama
3. Fuck The Liars
4. Marsz Przez Morze
5. Wind Of Sacrifice
6. Efekt Po
7. Outro
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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