Darktrance - Beyond The Gates Of Insanity

Darktrance is a one man band created by Dmitry Gubsky who does everything and its true that this guy is quite decent instrumentalist and programmer but this where this review might get a bit ugly. The band is primarily known as a black metal or dark metal band but the problem i had with this CD is he inserts different styles into the mix and for the most part it didn't work for me. When it works which is not very often in my opinion, it is pretty good. "Shadows Of Spirits" is evidence it can work in small doses, its a good mix of black meets doom metal but elsewhere things seem a little disjointed. At times it sounds like Cradle Of Filth, at other times Marilyn Manson and then at other times it sounds total black metal. There is some elements of doom thrown in but its so mixed up with other genres and influences, it sounds confused and it makes it hard to get into a vibe. The overall sound is a industrial version of black metal, not something i would normally listen to but i am not going to slag off this album just for that as i am sure a lot of people will get something out of this album. Highlights for me are the title track "Beyond The Gates Of Insanity", "Dreams Are Hollow" and the previously mentioned "Shadows Of Spirits", elsewhere the album left me cold and bored. I will say this though, this is a huge improvement over the previous album "Ghosts in the Shells" which i didn't like at all. That album was once described as "black metal for Hot Topic shoppers" and i think that was a fair description. There is a hell of a lot more depth in the songs on this album and the overall production and sound has made giant leaps forward but it still leaves me wanting more. Maybe its the programmed sounds but the computerized, industrial sounds just do it for me and never has but check it out for yourself. Like the old saying goes "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" and i am sticking to that on this one.

1. Beyond The Gates Of Insanity

2. Drained

3. Don’t Want To Miss You

4. Dreams Are Hollow

5. Duskworld

6. Shadows Of Spirits

7. Alone

Bad Mood Man Music
Reviewer: Ed
Dec 13, 2009

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