Darth - Buttfucked By Destiny

The band Darth from Germany started in 1995, had their live debut in 2001 and released this debut full length in 2003. Seeing the cover and the title (which have no connection together) it could be a grindcore band. But it is not true. Darth palys old school death metal with a touch of Bolt Thrower or old Obituary. Guitars that are melodic riffing, brutal vocals and songs that range from fast to mid paced. Enough double bass beats to give it a solid base but the guitars are the main attraction. "Buttfucked By Destiny" will never win the prize of originality but for those who like their death metal solid and old school should check it out.

1. Wall Of Ignorance
2. Empire Of The Lie
3. I Should Be Dead
4. Forbidden Hapiness
5. Age Of Depression
6. Self-Exorcism
7. Buttfucked By Destiny
8. Amok
9. Koma
Damned Pages
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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