Datura - The Darkest Hours

As you can see by the URL this band comes from France. And when you see the cover you expect some gore grind or brutal death. Datura is playing death metal but with a melodic touch. It is aggressive in up tempo songs and with breaks and changes. Growling voices and heavily riffing guitars with leads are drenched in the songs. Songs that change the melodylines often and also tempo changes frequently. A good album for guitar orientated melodic death metal.

1. Fearless
2. From Icons To Flesh
3. Chapter's End
4. Wargods
5. Contemplate The Depth
6. Dead Works
7. Believer's Ruin
8. Desevolution
9. The Darkest Hours...
Deadsun Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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