Dauntless - Execute The Fact

Scandinavia has been know to put out some of the most brutal and divers music in the last decade. Now here comes Dauntless. Hailing from Helsinki Finland, "Execute the Fact" is not ala At The Gates or Soilwork, these guys are paving there own way with sheer utter slamtastic brutality. How much.... I AM STILL MOSHING!!!!!!!!!!!! Glorifying old school Thrash and Death Metal all at once with a fuck load of attitude. The band has been in existence since 1991 and are now on the Finnish label Firebox Records. Raging guitars, brutal vocals, and a drummer who attacks like a rabid dog. There is more than enough testosterone on this record. Want a quick analogy of this band. here's what comes to mind. Put Machine Head and Aborted in a blender, you get Dauntless!!! Are you excited yet... you will be go to there site and be prepared to have your fucking head ripped off.

1. Ruins
2. Shelter Equals Grave
3. Born Controlled
4. Flow Of Fortune
5. Blindfolded Solutions
6. Body Open Wide
7. Sickest Victory
8. Suffocated Voice
9. Four Walls United
Firebox Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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