Dawn Of Demise - Rejoice In Vengeance

The great Danes of death metal, Dawn Of Demise, return this year with this humungus slab of death metal fresh out this summer time and this is their first album from their new home, Unique Leader. Now those in the know will understand that even being on Unique Leader is automatically a seal of quality, for simply put: the label doesn't release shit. It's a fact. The label has given us some quality death metal bands over the years from Pyaemia to Disavowed and even right up to the very label's owner, Erik Lundemark's, Deeds Of Flesh. I'm sure all you death metallers out there will own at least one CD from the label and if you haven't, well, best go check em out.

I think it's fair to say that these danish death dealers are hugely influenced by the New York/New Jersey death metal scenes. I hear an enormous amount of Internal Bleeding in their sound as well as Suffocation and Pyrexia. With this in mind, I hear a nod to their fellow scandenavians such as Entombed and Dismember in their riffing styles. What more do ya want really? This all delivered to your ears via a massive Tue Madsen production. The production really is massive here and, to me, sonically perfect. There's not a blemish in the recording. Everything sits perfectly in the mix with massive pounding drums, huge grinding guitars, absolutely piano like clunking bass and mega guttural vocals that are delivered with huge clarity and do not get lost in the low end of the mix. Thats the production's charm is that it's so low and detuned but has such amazing clarity and maintains it's absolute enormity. Opener to this mammoth sounding album "We Drink To Your Demise" starts by toasting your destruction and they smash the very foundations of my ear drums. It's almost a call to arms. "Rejoice In Vengeance" keeps this vibe very much going as it rips through slam after slam, sucker-punching me each time. Sure some might say it's all abit repetitive and it's not a flurry of 300 bpm blasts and sweep picking but its one thing these guys can do is groove and these guys write very much with that intention. These guys are all about getting the heads headbanging and the moshpit swirling. Just listen to the "The Epitome Of Brutality". It's exactly that. The track really consumes the listener and I for one just want to go crazy and fuck shit up. To me, that's amazing when music does that, makes ya wanna go crazy. That's an awesome feeling. One thing I will mention is that the album does sound alittle sterile at times for it sometimes sounds too perfect but sure you can't please everyone. But for me, it's the pace at times sound quite the same i.e. tempos of the songs but this seriously is a minor minor gripe. A few more tempo changes throughout would have varied it up a little but there are some truly special moments on this album which really get this listener going. "The Blood Stays On The Blade"- the very imagery ominous but yet the track gets fists pumping every time. This is on my iPod for a long time to come and is very much part of my recent daily listenings.

I must also say the artwork is awesome but I will point out that it reminds me alot of Suffocation's "Pierced From Within" - Immitation is the best form of flattery I guess. Fantastic stuff altogether.


  1. We drink To Your demise
  2. Rejoice In Vengeance
  3. Killing Spree
  4. This Affliction
  5. The Epitome Of Brutality
  6. He Rises Again
  7. Exsanguination
  8. Indulge In Perversity
  9. Ungodly
  10. The Blood Stays On The Blade
  11. Choke
  12. The Immaculate Slaughter