Day Of Execution - Dead Burning To Ashes

Now, this is what I call killer oldschool death metal album! Day Of Execution come from Varna,Bulgaria and "Dead Burning To Ashes" is their first CD unleashed upon mankind via the Polish label Brewery Prod. The first thing that makes impression after the music starts is the excellent production - all instruments sound heavy and powerful and every riff or drum beat can be easily heard. But the good compositional ideas is what really matters to me and Day Of Execution have plenty of them.

After the short spooky intro, the album bursts out with "Vortex Of Flesh" - a track that begins in the mid-tempo Asphux-like death metal and ends with Deicide-ian blastbeats and double vocals. Day Of Execution's frontman Svetoslav Vasilev is a monster behind the mike - his roars are deep and furious yet you are able to hear the words that are coming out his throat. "His Ghost In The Morgue" present some Swedish death/thrash elements entwined in the dense wall of brutality. The following "Rot With Me" reveals the skilfully playing of the two guitarists Ivaylo Mladenov and Ivaylo Gradev - their melodic riffing reminds me of the later Carcass albums (the "Heartwork" album in particular). Good words should be said also for the tight rhythm section in the figures of Plamen Petkov (drums) and Momchil Karamichev (bass). The title track "Day Of Execution" is a brutal death/grind attack which is followed by "Evil Dead Nemesis" which is a track in the vein of Bolt Thrower enriched with some deep grunts more typical for the gore/grind bands. The last two tracks are "Warriors Of Uruk" which is slow,crushing and with some decent guitar leads,and the final of this remarkable album which is a cover of the Bolt Thrower's classic "Cenotaph".

In case you are looking for a qualitative band able to combine the best elements from European and US oldschool death metal scene - look no further! Check out Day Of Execution - you can hear some of their music and purchase their debut album at the site of Brewery Prod. "Dead Burning To Ashes" is one solid slab of smashing death metal with brutal but also groovy tracks. Good albums like this one are not very common thing today so this band really deserves your attention!

1. Intro
2. Vortex Of Flesh
3. His Ghost In The Morgue
4. Rot With Me
5. Dead Burning To Ashes
6. Evil Dead Nemesis
7. Warriors Of Uruk
8. Cenotaph (cover Bolt Thrower)
Reviewer: Tsvetan
Jan 23, 2012

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