Daymares - Can't Get Us All

Can't Get Us All is Daymares' debut recording, which Selfmadegod states will attract fans of Integrity and Entombed into their fanbase. The first track "Get Us All" resonates with the energy of early hardcore with a noticeable trace of death n' roll added. This album has lots of grimy guitar riffs and us-against-them singalong choruses within traditional two to three minute song structure. Vocalist Pat bears the tightest punk-metal fusion and doesn't appear to be holding back. The band formed in late 2006 and pulled together a solid audience before beginning work on this album.

1. Get Us All
2. Almost There
3. Into The Night
4. As Bad As It Gets
5. Falling Down
6. Suicide Watch
7. Key Witness
8. I Shit You Not
9. Cult Leader
10. The Bigger The Lie
11. iContact
Selfmadegod Records
Reviewer: Dave Wolff
Feb 26, 2009

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