De Waonzin / Nuestros Derechos - Split 'Em All

This split MCD is showing two nice Dutch bands from the city Utereg. The two bands plays a punk rock styled metal with a healthy spirit. This split is released by the bands themselves and looking good. Each band delivers 4 songs but it wouldn't be a shame if they did more. For both bands counts that the songs are not only thrashing but also are groovy as fuck. Raw and shouty vocals, aggressive riffs and up tempo beats. These are bands that are mainly meant to play live but Ithink they succeeded to transform their sound to this disc. Listen to the songs and order your copy as this split is limited to 500 copies (of which i have one, haha).

De Waonzin
1. AO Godverdomme
2. Borderline
3. Among The Enemy
4. Lords Of Destruction

Nuestros Derechos
5. Hellspawn
6. D.I.Y.
7. De Strop
8. Erase Me
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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