Dead Asylum - Death Always Wins

Canada’s Dead Asylum have returned with their second effort entitled “Death Always Wins”. This album is nothing short of a slab of death thrashing insanity that totally obliterates every ounce of weakness and iniquity that lay before it. This performance has everything that any extreme metal head could ever hope for. Straight forward from start to finish, every aspect from this pummeling piece of metal perfection will have you falling into the insanity of your own mind. The riffs are suffocatingly infectious as they sound like, or rather invoke the feeling of digging and tearing at an ear infection with a rusty hanger. Rooted deep in the traditions of death metal with a thrashy edge, the guitars deliver a devastating punch to the throat. To take it a step further, the solos are so sharp and full of grit that they are bound to invoke the need for this addictive substance. I really enjoyed the drum work as well. They are pretty much the aural definition of what death metal should be. This album takes me back to releases such as Disincarnate’s “Dreams Of The Carrion Kind” and Vader “The Ultimate Incantation”. For that matter, let’s go ahead and throw Obituary “Cause Of Death” in there as well.

The utilization of bass on this release usually isn’t my cup of tea, but I have to admit that what the band has done here is an excellent way to incorporate this instrument. Even though it is not used to the instrument’s fullest extent, you need to look at the bigger picture here and take in the vast awesomeness of the finish product. The production here is spot on and presents he talents of the band in an undeniable form. The vocal style is typical, but one hell of a style none the less. Reminiscent of Steve Tucker and George Fisher mid and lower level growls with a little Jorgen Sandstrom from “Soulless” era Grave. I really enjoyed this release as it was fairly simplistic yet so devastating in it’s presentation. This is one of the few bands who can combine the new and old school perfectly. If thee guys keep making releases like this, then they have one hell of a future ahead of them. If you want a metal album that will stand the test of time, then this is the one!

  1. Defiance
  2. Death Always Wins
  3. Between Me And The Grave
  4. Bury The Living
  5. Forgotten Sacrifice
  6. Bred To Die
  7. Welcome
  8. Inmate 666

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 16, 2017

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