Dead Awaken - Where Hope Turns Dripping Red

Upon receiving this cd I wasn't too sure what to expect, the logo, title and cover work didn't really give too much away. I would hazard a guess and say that the theme throughout this CD is war. And with war comes death. Ha I was right. These guys hail from Sweden and whilst most embrace their native sound, these guys embrace sounds like that of Suffocation, Morbid Angel and perhaps Bolt Thrower with some Cannibal Corpse in the mix.

It's damn heavy with a real heavy production, that really is drum heavy but with a huge sounding bass right up the spine of the recording. I like the drums for they don't sound too triggered and everything on them sounds quite live. This is really cool because you don't really hear that so much this days. The guitars are very clear and precise and executed with some finesse. The overall sound is quite thunderous really. The songs are launched at my eardrums like a shell from a tank and explode from my speakers. The vocals are real deep and delivered with great venom and anger on a background of huge riffs and machine gun drumming. The momentum of this record is very very up beat, packed with massive pit ready grooves and brutal blast sections.

Above all else, it's catchy as hell. There's abit of old school speed metal/thrash in the mix which nods to the likes of Sodom from the early 90s period. There's a real cool feel of this record I have to say from opener 'Carnivore' to closer 'State Of Corrosion'. Sure these guys aren't nothing new by any means but what they've got here is an absolutely cracking brutal death metal record. Check this out and don't let it slip you by.

1. Carnivore
2. Kingdom Of Damnation (Where Hope Turns Dripping Red)
3. Deutsches Afrika Corpse
4. Rocket Symphony
5. Mudhell
6. Manic Destructive
7. Envy The Dead
8. Venom Of The Population
9. State Of Corrosion