Dead Carnage - From Hell From Hate

Dead Carnage are a band active since 2013 from the Czech Republic, with former members of Disfigured Corpse and Antigod. This "From Hell From Hate" is their second official album after the first full released in 2017 ("Flesh, Blood, Orgy").

The band moves on an old school death metal canon, which flows without any kind of compromise in all eight tracks of the album. Note the desire to insert as a last track a cover ('Eternal Void') of my italian mates Hierophant.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, all the songs move on a precise constructive standard without therefore bringing anything new in the musical field.

Dead Carnage does what they have to do best, that is to play old-style death metal. Fast songs, tight rhythms and telluric mid-tempos. Note the inclusion as a new vocalist in the form of Silva Nigra Bendìk.

Band to follow for all the followers of the old and dark death metal. Here you will not find technicalities or anything else, but only violence and destruction for your ears. Songs like 'Chapel Od Decay', 'Caged Brutality' or 'Gods Lobotomy' will literally make you love this album.

Only for lovers of the genre. Is not my genre, but this "From Hell From Hate" is a very good album.

3 / 5 STARS 


1. Edges Of Manipulation
2. We Are Slowly Dying (Devastation)
3. Caged Brutality
4. My Blood Is Black
5. God´s Lobotomy
6. Chapel Of Decay
7. From Dust
8. The First Kill..., The Last Kill...
9. Eternal Void (cover Hierophant)