Dead Congregation - Promulgation Of The Fall

With a strong underground following that's gaining strength at a rapid rate "Promulgation Of The Fall" is looking to generate some anticipation on it's release. With a string of EP's and the brilliant "Graves Of The Archangels" album under their belt. Dead Congregation have a big enough challenge meeting the bar they have set themselves let alone topping it!

"Promulgation Of The Fall" is just as good as "Graves Of The Archangels" whether it's better will be left down to personel taste as they are two very different records. Where "Graves.." along with it's brutality and technicality it had subtile melodies here and there along with interludes of psalms and prayers to add atmosphere. It took breaks to build atmosphere before going back to the onslaught! This album however goes straight for the throat and doesn't let go! This album is brutality from front to back. It's still takes you on a dark journey but with changes during the songs. There will be a slow dark passage, for a doom section before kicking back into a hail of blastbeats and shredding. There are some beautiful, screaming, Kerry King style solo's in there too, just listen to 'Nigredo'. Amazing!

It's very dense like a Nile or Hate Eternal album, it just punishes the listener for 40 minutes and your left wondering what the hell happened and you have to stick it on again just to see where all the bruises came from! After a few listens it starts to decode itself and the songs become more familiar. It works as an album, as in a body of work rather then 8 individual songs. The songs blend together and you miss where one ends and the other starts. On some albums this can be a sign of bad songwriting but on this album it works because you do just gets lost in the albums murky darkness. The riffs are intricate and odd timed but it's not forced or pretentious.

The album has a great dirty, feel and doesn't have the clean, cold sterilized feel so many modern death metal albums have. If you love old school Deicide or Immolation you'll love this. If you are new to the band check out both of their albums as they compliment each other brilliantly.

"Promulgation Of The Fall" is set to shoot Dead Congregation into death metal's premier League!

1. Only Ashes Remain
2. Promulgation Of Th Fall
3. Serpentskin
4. Quintessence Maligned
5. Immaculate Poison
6. Nigredo
7. Schisma
8. From A Wretched Womb