Dead Congregation - Purifying Consecrated Ground

This combo called Dead Congregation present us their mini CD. From blasting and raging semi-melodic to dark doomy and dissonant deathmetal. Drums are either blasting, rolling forward on fast double bass parts or dynamic slower beatings. as obscure sounding as the haunting guitarrifs are the deep growling vocals completing the utterly dark atmosphere. Good ideas on songwriting and building tension but also some recognizable elements that have been done before... so for fans of immolation and the obscurity of morbid angel this CD is a must!.

1. Vomitchrist
2. Lucid Curse
3. Feasting Angelcunts
4. Auguring An Eternal War
5. Downward Spiral Of Morbidity
Konqueror Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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