Dead Congregation – Sombre Doom

Hot on the foot of their current European tour and it also seems Dead Congregation is making up for the 6 year gap prior to the release of their second album “Promulgation Of The Fall”. In recent years Dead Congregation has increasingly become one of Greece’s finest exports. Putting out two fantastic albums and a selection of EP’s. The band seems to find the perfect blend of the dirty Swedish old school sound and the darkness of Immolation and Incantation while adding just enough technicalities to switch things up but always sticking to the essence of the song and just a bit of melody when needed to add the extra bit of atmosphere.

“Sombre Doom” is a two track single. First up we have a monumental 9 minute epic 'Redemptive Immolation' this track starts with a wall of feedback and a haunting melody which builds up to a crushing monster of a track that is melancholy and dread filled. Up next is 'Wind’s Bane' this is a more straight up blackened death metal track. It commands headbanging it’s fast catchy and instantly recognizable.

It’s just two tracks but it’s enough to get excited over, it still sees the band expanding their sound and touching new ground.

God, this band are just …..Perfect!

  1. Redemptive Immolation
  2. Wind's Bane