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With origins that date back to 1985, Dead Conspiracy have bestowed upon us some really interesting anthems of death/thrash metal that will make the most sophisticated metal fan sit up and take notice. This is especially true with their new self-titled release. The tunes on this release definitely have roots that have taken a good hold on all things heavy, fierce, in your face, but above all, traditional. That’s not to say that there aren’t any modern elements to their music, but the subtleties of these elements let the raw power of each members talents to shine through. I had my expectations before listening to this release, but upon putting this beast on my turntable, I am happy to say that all of those expectations were blown away.

While labelled as a death/thrash band, there is a strong “crust” vibe/element to the music. The blending of these different styles is almost seamless, but is most definitely flawless. The power and delivery of these tunes holds true to the ideology of the perspective genres and then some. The energy and the passion of the band and the presentation of their music proves that old school thrash is alive and well. This release reminded me of thrash bands like Faith or Fear and Dark Angel, death metal bands like Brutality, “The Bleeding” era Cannibal Corpse, Autopsy, and Cadaver, as well as grind/crust bands like Repulsion, Righteous Pigs and Deviated Instinct. After listening to the whole album, I would have to say that this release sounds like Members of Carcass playing Repulsion and early Napalm Death style tunes with the instruments from Sadus tuned to the levels that Autopsy would use. From beginning to end, this beast of an album is in your face in its relentless quest to rid you of your last shreds of sanity.

There is not one thing I would change about this release. These guys know exactly what they are doing, and this album shows why they have been around, in some form, since the mid 80’s. I highly recommend this album to anyone who likes their metal deep, dark, and heavy with all the grit and grime in between. You might even want to grab 2 copies of this because you may, in fact, wear the first one out. This album was released on November 15th of 2016 and I could not think of a better way to close out that year than with a monstrous release like this.

  1. Blood Everywhere
  2. In The Wake Of The Butcher
  3. The Earth Rots In A Grave
  4. Cruelty Through Ripping Torture
  5. Born Again Massacre
  6. Antietam / Vultures Feeding
  7. The Edge Of Darkness
  8. Crawling Dread
  9. Paralyzed With Terror


Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 4, 2017

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