Dead End Rising - Human Reconstruction

Once there was a band from German who called themselves Infection Zero. A band formed in 2002 and released in 2005 a recording "Live At Metal Mania Festival" as far as I know. But when the band stopped they continued in 2007 under their new name Dead End Rising. After writing new material they released their first demo in 2009 "Human Reconstruction". A demo which can be downloaded from their site for free but it can also be obtained for 1 Euro. For more details visit their Myspace site.

On "Human Reconstruction" there are 9 tracks and an intro. The intro is a 1:14 min track with keyboard effects followed by "Order Of The Smart". This track is showing the style they let you listen on the whole album. Death metal the melodic way. Tempo is up and steady with enough breakdowns to create variation in the tracks. In the background you hear the keyboard that is gladly not too prominent but you hear it in a break in the slower parts.
For the guitars (there are two of them) you can expect heavy riffing in melody but no lead at all. If you play melodic death metal you should use leads. In the band you have two vocalists. The main is the grunter and the background vocalist is also handling the bass. The grunts are acceptable but the other one is horrible. He is singing in a clean voice like he is singing in a folkish band. Absolute horrible although he can scream as he is doing some tunes.

Conclusion of this album is that it is a start. Litening the whole album a couple of times you tink you heard it all before in one of their other songs. It is more of all the same so for me I would like to hear more variation and I also hope they stop using that clean singing. The closing song is the one I like the most on this album.

1. Intro
2. Order Of The Smart
3. Autumns Leaf
4. The Trust
5. Holy Kingdom
6. Prayer Of Desperation
7. Circle Of Dreams
8. Sacred Liar
9. Dead End Rising
10. Silence Within

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 3, 2010

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