Dead Existence - Endless Misery

London’s sludge/doom monsters Dead Existence return with their second full length album to accompany their downtrodden filth and fury aimed at life and all things pretty, it’s not pretty folks and this is what makes this a great band and album.

The style is the same, the delivery is improved by an enhancement in the production giving some muddier sections a little more clarity. The jewel feature is that this doesn’t change the nihilistic sound that this band are well known for. ‘Obsidian Black’ has an increased stomping tempo, Harding’s angst driven vocals are stronger and have developed to provide a touch more emotion under the usual snarl you got from earlier efforts released. Whether the logo change is a signal that things are moving forward for the band generally, you certainly get the feeling it is when you hear this music. If you have seen them live you will see that each member is immersed in their own mind whilst bashing out some of the most torturing sludge tunes ever, that’s what as a fan you can expect yourself to be doing. But, you can also feed of this energy and listen from a different standpoint. That why this works so much more, the bar has definitely been raised and thankfully it’s still covered in various remnants of horrible stuff!

‘Worthless’ is a track that tells you how it is, in the bands own character assassin style, slow and experimental in many places, this is a track that doesn’t follow a set formula, it has its own idea about where it all fits and by doing this ensures that it has impact as does the rant and rave of ‘Delusion of Hope’. By the time you get to the 12 plus minute closer ‘Regretamine’ you could be either a trained hit man/woman or a dejected crumbling wreck of a soul, ‘Endless Misery’ can tear your very soul apart, then cut you down then spit on your broken and beaten mind and body. Don’t say you haven’t been warned…This is how to toy with your emotions, ‘Endless Misery’ is a monster sludge/doom/hardcore assault and a real step up and game changer for this long established rotten bunch of souls.

  1. Consume 
  2. End Devoured By Beginning  
  3. ...  
  4. Worthless  
  5. Tear Apart The Veil  
  6. Obsidian Black 
  7. Delusion Of Hope  
  8. Regretamine