Dead Eyed Sleeper – Through Forests Of Nonentities

Through Forests Of Nonentities is the second album for this progressive death metal band from Germany and the final result of their efforts is something of really complex and not so easy. If in a first moment, during a distracted listening, it’s possible to have in mind something of Necrophagist or Obscura, after few minutes it’s clear that Dead Eyed Sleeper are more experimental and progressive oriented than other bands. This is an hard album, it’s simply not possible to understand it in one day, but it’s full of meanings, shades, different atmospheres and fascination. Pay attention to the emphasis of the structure and arrangements (and to the perfect production too, vital for the final results they were looking for…): you will listen something of really new, fresh, innovative, far from the every scheme, far from the usual meaning of Death Metal. The dreaming Opeth and the techno brutal death mixed together: maybe this imagine should give you an idea of this versatile approach to the extreme music. Not only the fury and the virtuosity, but the atmospheres of the ambient, the emotions of the ethnic music and the diversities of other musical genres: a brave album to award under all the points of view.

1. Of Wires And Lenses
2. Cage Of Immaturity
3. The Savage Plague
4. Metamorphine
5. Eye Am Glowing Pulse
6. The Sleep
7. Enigmatic Conniption
8. The Dead Eyed Sleeper – Pt 1
9. Outstepping The Meander
Supreme Chaos Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 26, 2009

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