Dead Man’s Walk – Life Denied

Released July 11, 2014, "Life Denied" has the right amount of thrash tempo and slight death vocals. Each song stands alone with unique catchy riffs and doom worthy bridges. It is really an EP, holding only five songs, but with a doom/thrash sound like this, five is a great number.

Dead Man’s Walk, who hail from the Netherlands, really nailed it with track three, 'Numb'. The song starts out with a power metal guitar groove that is so catchy, it is a little sad that they decided to break from that and go into the death metal vocals and traditional metal sound. The song is good, but with the intro to this song, many fans may be wondering if Dead Man’s Walk might explore that more on the next album.

Even track four, 'Permanent Marks' begins with an appealing into (reminiscent of Carcass), however the tempos and bridges are a little too much like the previous song. However, this song comes with a great raspy growl and a better breakdown. The only bad part about this song is where the vocalist sings, it is almost comical (maybe it was supposed to be) as he is better at growling and singing in a higher octave.

"Life Denied" is kind of a thrash-death metal album in a sense, which seems to be meshing rather well on this album and is becoming a more popular genre. Another more popular (and solid) band that has been thrown into the ‘thrash-death’ category is Possessed. If Dead Man’s Walk can fine-tune their sound a little, they would be right there with them.

  1. The Kill The Cure
  2. Better Off Dead
  3. Numb
  4. Permanent Marks
  5. To Cover The Fall

Self released
Reviewer: Darlene Steelman
Aug 13, 2014
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