Dead Soul Alliance - Proud to Die

What is the perfect art for cover, so that anyone who sees it avoids buying our EP? Yes… that one sucks shit. That's what we're gonna use. These words were probably used by the Canadian Dead Soul Alliance while they were finishing recording their EP of 2013, with title "Proud to Die". They must have wanted to create some sort of distraction or something. Their music is great. And of course this is what we judge here, so I'll quit the nagging on the artwork for now!

Dead Soul Alliance play an excellent type of death metal, based on atmosphere and chaos. Sounds familiar? Sure thing. Bands as Immolation, Morbid Angel and many other of the same wavelength can be considered as influences here! This new EP of 2013, is their second release, as it succeeds another EP of 2011. A two member band is what they are, with one playing guitar, bass and doing vocals, and the other playing the drums! Personally this is my first encounter with the band and I can really say I am impressed by the darkness those Canadians reek through their brutality! 6 songs, including an intro, is what this EP includes, and it will truly be a reason for all fans of the old school death metal sound, to be waiting for them to write their full length! Of course this doesn't mean that it will leave you hungry. An intro and 5 more songs, with an average length of 4 minutes are more than enough to fulfill everyone's appetite for dark and majestic death metal tunes! Blast beats are also present, mixed with darkened and swirling riffs, giving the proper gravity to this whole chaos those ravagers want to create!

Skipping the intro (which by the way someone could easily take it as an instrumental song without being wrong), we move on to the first one. 'Time To Cull' and everything is there! The intensity, the fat bass, the relentless drums, the vocalist from the pit and of course the proper production. Muddy as hell making the whole outcome even heavier! Exquisite work on the riffing section. The guitar-bass-vocalist clearly had a vision while creating this one! The rest of the songs are following the lead of the first two, creating a high standard they will have to overcome in their first full. 3d and 4th track my personal favorites out of an EP with clearly no bad moments at all. Except from… yeah. You guessed right! The fuckin artwork. Damn it you're a band that possesses such music and you decide to dress it with such shit for artwork? I really don't get it. I am sure there were hundreds of ways to express nihility, or negativity or whatever. But this? Anyway let's not stick to the cover, cos when a band plays like this, a shitty cover is not an issue! Skip the artwork and check those beasts from Canada lads. Once again, a proof that Canada breeds quality in music!

  1. Loss Of Faith
  2. Time To Cull
  3. Living On Adrenalin
  4. S.I.T.Z.
  5. A Call To War
  6. Proud To Die

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 2, 2013

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