Dead Twilight - About The Prophecy

I had lost track of this Italian band Dead Twilight several years ago. "About The Prophecy" is their second official album after the demos released in the early years of their existence and their first full length released in 2015.

Back to being a duo, the Bellante brothers release an honest death metal album so dear to the American sound. 9 very heavy pieces that for sure will not miss combinations with well-known bands in the metal field. The fact of carrying out a project with the passion of two boys united by family and music is admirable. Drums always present and incisive in each piece (even if I'm not a fan of drum machines), which makes songs like 'Kali Yuga' really interesting.

Unfortunately, however, the songs seem to repeat themselves very often and one almost has the impression that the album is almost composed of a single track. Nothing negative, also because I think it is a trade mark of certain sounds and in any case there is always something that makes the difference in every single piece.

Good death metal, excellent ideas and certainly good possibilities for further improvements. Album and listening recommended to all. Let's give space to the underground and open the way we see and hear things!

3.5 / 5 STARS 


1. Pray For Nothing (Intro)
2. Ἁρμαγεδών
3. Kali Yuga
4. Aharit Ha-Yamim
5. Ὕπνος καὶ Θάνατος
6. Ragnarök
7. Totentanz
8. Hekátē
9. Dead Twilight - Part II