Dead Twilight - Endless Torment

It seems that this Italian outfit has been around for some time with a scant release rate but have finally put together for their debut. With a couple of demos spread over multiple years whether you've heard those or not is irrelevant due to the time gap between them and this album. I am always suspicious of death metal bands that have no drummer and call me old fashioned or not but death metal needs a proper drummer as they are the essence of what makes the genre so extreme when it first appeared in the mid 1980s.

Opening with a very lengthy intro called 'Finis Infinitatis' it indicates exactly how this album is to proceed with a very shallow programmed drum sequence that is propped up by a decent guitar tone and a very familiar riff that could have been lifted from any of a number of demos 25 plus years ago or so. As the intro comes to a close 'Eternal City' sets off with a blasted style and whilst the riffing is fine if a little safe the drum sound renders the track and the album devoid of any vitriol. Ignoring the weaknesses of the percussive side to this album and you have a trio of guys who can pen a decent death metal riff like the one on 'Neun Tugenden' complete with Cannibal Corpse like guitar squeals.

Much of this album rests firmly on rehashing or altering old school death metal riffs that Deicide, Morbid Angel and Vader were doing 20 plus years ago and whilst the conviction may be genuine the execution and creativity are sadly lacking when there is so much amazing death metal around today with some pulverising releases during 2015 that obliterate anything this has to offer. As critical as I am of this album it is obvious the band has the ability to step outside of worshipping the death metal icons of yesteryear and branch into creating something more unique which would be greatly helped by adding a proper drummer and making sure that what is recorded in the studio actually sounds fit enough for the public to digest as the sound levels fluctuate for some reason with surges and lulls in loudness that dampen the organic feel that death metal essentially must have.

  1. Finis Infinitatis (Intro)
  2. Eternal City
  3. Neun Tugenden
  4. Eos
  5. Apocalypsis
  6. Legion
  7. Dead Realm
  8. Carmen Saliare Mars Dicatur
  9. Letzer Wille

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 20, 2015
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