Deadborn - Mayhem Maniac Machine

I was ecstatic when I heard the opening track to Deadborn’s new effort from Apostasy Records titled, Mayhem Maniac Machine. Premises of Cryonics is every bit of a mechanical weaponized sonic assault and sets a mind warping pace to keep up with, but the next song is just as intense in Profanatic Reanimation. These players are superbly technical players and they execute some difficult riffs and rhythms with precision. The drummer, Slavek Foltyn, is inhumanly capable of pulling off tempo changes best suited by a computer and not a flesh and blood organism. The stringed players are just as capable and pull off quite technical riffs with serious speed and clarity. A real treat of this album is how clear all the different pieces are and how well it is all mixed. That said, it seems to be lacking a bit of variety. It’s all blast, full steam ahead, and as the title indicates quite mechanical sounding.

There’s something to be admired in performing physical feats of musicianship that would unhinge any speedpicker’s jaw. The power put out alone is quite overwhelming on this album. However, Mayhem Maniac Machine overuses that to a degree and in the process creates a rut well-worn on the album. There is too much reliance that to the point where every song tends to follow the same patterns and leads the listener in circles rather than from a Point A to Point B. What little variation from that there is comes from the tracks, Insane Motor Cortex, Bionic Abomination and Slaves of Megatron.

These are all great tracks as standalone experiences. They are sure fire whiplash inducing cuts which will liven up anyone’s listening soundtrack for utter devastation. As a whole listening experience, it gets a bit repetitive, but I can’t underscore enough just how well-crafted each of the songs are in their own rights. The execution is impeccably flawless and the mix is wonderfully done. Deadborn have put forth a great overall effort and definitely worth a listen to hear some up-tempo hyper-speed technical playing.

1. Premises Of Cryonics
2. Profantic Reanimation
3. Bionic Abomination
4. Insane Motor Cortex
5. Replicants Device
6. Slaves Of Megatron
7. Reinvented Power Process
8. Second Order Cybernetics
9. Kraftwerk D