Deadlock - Wolves

The intro "World Domination" was the first thing holding my interest in this German band's full-length. The atmosphere it resonated with made it fit the soundtrack to a horror film. The tracks following the introduction were equally impressive, being a slightly more accessible approach to melodic death with occasional blast beats, guttural lead vocals (Johannes Prem), angelic female vocals (Sabine Weniger) and some black metal and Goth/rave elements included via keyboards & orchestral passages. This is Deadlock's third full-length CD to date, and a split released with Six Reasons To Kill is part of their discography.

1. World Domination
2. We Shall All Bleed
3. Code Of Honor
4. Losers' Ballet
5. Dark Cell
6. Crown Of Creation
7. End Begins
8. As Words To Bullets
9. Praeludium II
10. Bloodpact
11. To Where The Skies Are Blue
12. Code Of Honor Remixxx (ltd. edition only)
Life Force Records
Reviewer: Dave Wolff
Feb 26, 2009

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