Deadly Remains - Severing Humanity

Two years after "Before The Nothing", here’s by this time Deadly Remains' latest release, plainly called "Severing Humanity". The Californian four-piece band offers us a real, plain and extremely technical brutal death metal jewel, whose vocal parts are carried out by Chris Dericco and Ian Andrew, who respectively hold the bass and guitar player positions. The recording has the virtue of enhancing each unity, either James Royston’s devastating hitting power, Dericco’s extremely sophisticated bass lines (in 'Apocalyptic Birth' and 'Cosmic Necrosis' among others), or the virulence displayed by the Kerston & Andrew duet, generating hateful, overwhelming guitar riffs and stratospheric solos. "Severing Humanity’s" uniqueness is inherent in the balance between savagery and technical pursuit wafted from the album: 'Memories Of Defilement', sprinkled with convoluted guitar solos, gives off a remarkable brutality though, as well as 'Instincts Of Flesh', riddled with few tempo slowdowns, or else 'Cosmic Necrosis' and 'Severing Humanity', the eponymous track. Each title holds its own greatness, and this clever combination between an abrasive, blasting brutal death metal, with sickly frenzied tempos and a husky vocal module, a bit old-school, is to be praised. A saturated and ever-present bass, crushing rhythmics, a profusion of heavy riffs embroidered with subtly built solos... what more could you ask for?

  1. Apocalyptic Birth
  2. Cosmic Necrosis
  3. Equilibrium Obsolete
  4. Home Invasion
  5. Human Trafficking
  6. Instincts Of Flesh
  7. Memories Of Defilement
  8. Psalm Of Impurity
  9. Scriptures Of Foreign Tongues
  10. Severing Humanity