Deadly Spawn - Forced Into Atrocities

I'm not really acquainted with the Japanese death metal scene and Intestine Baalism is one of the few names that come to my mind in this direction. Deadly Spawn are the band of the x-Intestine Baalism guitar player Jiro Ito who is supported by the x-Sadondeth drummer Taiji Tomita,the guitarist Yuja Takeda and the bassist/vocalist K.Tsurudome. "Forced Into Atrocities" is the second album of the japanese guys (after the debut "From Beyond The Dark" from 2008) and it offers eight straightforward tracks of oldschool brutal death metal. The main influence of Deadly Spawn are the mighty Suffocation - you can hear that clearly in the furious grinding drumming,the heavy-as-a-ton-of-bricks guitar riffs and the deep growls of K.Tsurudome whose vocals are really close to those of Frank Mullen. Fortunately Deadly Spawn are far better than the mere Suffocation-worshipping clone. Jiro Ito is a very talented and skilled guitarist and he executes some remarkable melodic leads in between the death metal aggression like on the title track "Forced Into Atrocities" or "Offensive Defense" for example. Other good news is that not everything is on speed - there are mid-tempo tracks like "Proceed To Death" and "Everlasting Resolution" (the last one is again enriched with a first class guitar work by Jiro Ito). Some traces of thrash metal can also be noticed in Deadly Spawn's music. The sound of the recording is raw and unpolished just like the one of the legendary death metal records from the beginning of the 90's. If you consider yourself a death metal fen check out the "Forced Into Atrocities" CD and you will enjoy one decent oldschool death metal album from the land of the rising sun!

1. Expected Attack
2. Forced Into Atrocities
3. Offensive Defense
4. Proceed To Death
5. Everlasting Resolution
6. Spirit Of The Departed
7. Annihilation
8. Nothingness
Reviewer: Tsvetan
Jul 22, 2012

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