Deafest - Through Wood And Fog

This is a three track e.p. release from the U.S.A. they have been going since 2008 in this form and consist of two members, Chase who does all the guitar work and bass and Brett who plays drums. This is their first e.p. although they have released three full length albums and countless splits, very productive band when you consider some black metal bands output. Well what do you get here, this is a three track release which clocks in at just over twenty two minutes long which is not bad return for your money. The three tracks are all instrumentals and all in the ambient style of black metal, now I don’t mind ambient black metal so was interested in hearing this release from a prolific band I have never heard of before! It kicks off with “Fog Rolls Down the Slopes” which sets the scene nicely for the rest of the release and is a decent track, some good guitar work and basic drums give it a nice feel. The second track then starts in, “Over the Ridge” which is not as strong as the first track although midway it does have some nice dreamy guitar work and a good riff that kicks in after that phase. The final track is the epic of this release, “Rock Spires Above the Trees” and this comes in at over nine minutes of pretty neat black metal playing. This is my favourite track of the whole release, it starts with some really nice mournful guitar work and some very martial drumming which certainly adds to this track.

The production on this album is pretty decent with a good sound throughout although the drums do sound a bit weak in places but good all the same. As I said this is the first time I have across this band and I was pleasantly surprised, some good stuff on this release which makes me want to check out their full length releases as I think they will have more meat to them. If you like ambient black metal that is played very decently I would recommend this band as this is a good listen and a nice addition to your collection.


  1. Fog Rolls Down The Slopes
  2. Over The Ridge
  3. Rock Spires Above The Trees