Deaflock - Courage To Expose All

Japanese assassins of old school Thrash! Deaflock make their HPGD debut with their sophomore album "Courage To Expose All". Full of passionate anger and aggression, Deaflock destroy the listener while maintaining an emotional yet intense roaring sound. Never too brutal or traditional, this album exposes the darkness of mankind through the power of the riff, displaying thrusting vocals straight from the soul. For fans of Carcass, Dark Angel, Destruction, Gamma Ray, Helloween, Kreator, Megadeth, Rage, Scorpions, Sodom and Voivod. Crisis is coming... you have been warned!”

This trio are from Japan and founded 2000. Somehow I can’t imagine a Japanese thrash band but here they are in all their intense glory. I find it amazing that just three guys could make so much noise but it is a highly delightful noise all the same!

Ruin Factory
I thought I had clicked on the wrong link for a minute as nothing was emerging from the speakers until I turned it up a notch and then all these little sounds came twiddling out... but no music at all

Ahh that’s better! The rhythmic pumping of heavy guitar and snarling vocals is music to my ears.  The pace quickens dramatically awakening all the senses – even the one that reaches for the volume control! A good commanding and dominating track with punchy drumming and powerful bass hooks.  The guitar screeches and explodes into shards of glass – right up my alley!

The umpire Of Daily Crime
Hypnotic and devilish it will suck you right into its powerful crescendo of blasting beats and harsh growling. Definite quality of power in here no mistake! If this track was a body builder you would definitely see some nice muscles – put it that way! A lot of untamed energy protrudes from this track and really gets the hair moving!

Nothing In My Eyes
Striking and impacting this track holds a profound melodic content that sways neatly and balanced perfectly by scornful vocals that are just so meaty! Drenched in pulverising rhythms this will tempt the senses – senseless! The guitar is just mesmerising and driven feverishly by a compelling kick beat!

Rule Over Yourself
Strikingly beautiful, dreamlike and powerful. Deftly created track. Building up into another harsh and raucous scenario tempting the obvious – to move the limbs. It just comes to life and kicks life into the unsuspecting listener. The weighty rhythms will bear down heavy on the ears. Compelling listen!

Lay Hidden
Fast fingered guitar – this is so tasty! It will just carve you up and spit you out eroding the ear drums with a vehement quality. It is edgy and aggressive as you would expect and a superb thrash track – with plenty of bite.

This is so unrestrained and vibrant as it kicks its way into life with astounding aggression, it slows briefly and then carries on its onslaught. Blistering vocals are like a tsunami of pent up anger and extremely corrosive with a flurry of exciting blast beats and captivating guitar that gathers an enthralling pace – if this does not move you nothing will.

Only One
Smoldering and intense this track will leave blisters and turn them into open gaping wounds. It is indeed infectious in execution and molds itself into a fiery display of vengeance. The rhythms are uncompromising and venomous as you would expect and these guys do not disappoint on that score!

Again I’m Here
So let’s slow down the pace now – an almost whispering vocal begins amid some beautiful strings but soon turns caustic offering plenty of diversity. Despite its slow tempo this has sinister connotations, deliberately testing and will spark a lot of raw emotion as it reaches its peak of cantankerous glory.

Remove The Mask
Hard hitting bass hooks will plant one on the jaw and send you reeling backwards into a maelstrom of twisting debauchery! Invigorating, captivating and enthralling! Its rhythms never loosen their grip, a swirling of melodic harmony comes to the fore and deliciously wraps itself around you like a snake capturing its prey! A magnificent track to end on and will leave you wanting more.

More than just whets the appetite of destruction this album will have you feasting on it for days to come! Every track is bristling with venom and bite and along the way shows absolute diverse pleasure. It is not JUST thrash it is a melting pot of metal with multiple styles that all blend perfectly together.
Its thrash elements are spine tingling and its mellow moments although brief are most welcome and pull together this superb creation from Deaflock.
Most definitely a recommended listen for thrashers who like that bit more!


  1. Ruin Factory
  2. Clash
  3. The Umpire Of Daily Crime
  4. Nothing In My Eyes
  5. Rule Over Yourself
  6. Lay Hidden
  7. Loneliness
  8. Only One
  9. Again I’m Here
  10. Remove The Mask