Deals Death - Point Zero Solution

The story of melodic death metallers Deals Death began in a music college called Boomtown, where guitarist Erik Jacobson met a couple of other students. Released their self-financed debut ‘Internal Demons’ in 2009. The second album, ‘Elite’, released in March 2012. Having introduced themselves to a wider audience with last year's ‘Elite’, the new album ‘Point Zero Solution’ shows Deals Death's staying power and musical evolution with lush arrangements, deadlier output through and through and melodic hooks catchier than ever before.

Point Zero Solution
The sonic imagery this band conjures up is phenomenal.  It is powerful as it stretches its tendrils of finely tuned and exciting rhythmic swagger to its limits and as you would expect is immense in delivery. Everything about Deals Death is precise and professional.  This is a promising start but no less than you would expect for a band of this calibre and well worthy of their reputation.

Facing The Echoes
With a flexible hand the notes come raining down in quick succession – it stands proud on its solid foundation of melodic grooves, and does not need much persuasion to be caught up in what the band have to offer. Vocally stunning, it sends ice cold chills down the spine and is a classic Deals Death moment – it may be some time before the goose-bumps subside as a torrent of melody surrounds you, so be warned!

Deals Death are on a mission and they are the kind of band that will not stop until it has been fulfilled and this track bares proof of that as it more than ‘Escalates’ to another finely tuned track of excellence. It holds plenty for the listener to absorb. With a roaring quality that is rarely witnessed it possesses high reaching moments of absolute intrigue, with the band all working together to perfection and it shows this as it incites a pure spark of immense imagination.

This track rages under the skin and races around leaving scorch marks – it is like scabies it leaves its mark and apart from that it gets into the brain and provoke involuntary head movements, you will not be able to help yourself – and I wondered why it was getting difficult to type! Forgetting to breathe is another effect this band has over the listener as the track soars to far reaching heights, mesmerising and offers superb fascination.

Passion For Infinity
Haunting, just as it intriguing Deals Death reign down another blow on humanity with sheer and utter abandon. A slower track that gives you something to feast upon with a ravaging vocal and jagged melodies that are so sharp they will draw blood. Antagonistic with uncompromising temptation this track offers a deep and memorable radiance.

The Separation
Atmospheric, with far reaching melodies that will ignite interest with vocal intimidation that will strike the fear of wrath into every soul that listens. The melancholic rhythms send one into a dream like stance whilst once again sending the perpetual goose bumps down the spine.  There is so much going on in this track it is an insatiable force to be reckoned with.

Paramount Authority
This is a track that bounces with a spiteful brutality and brings with it imagery that in turn sparks deep thoughts as it thunders past your ears, extreme and imposing it conquers with a truly unique experience of mesmeric quality and seductive as it spirals and swirls with sheer abandon through the thought process leaving one exhausted at what they have just bared witness to.

Beyond Reason
A really distinct track that takes you on personal journey of dark contemplation and drives rugged emotions to a startling conclusion – it simply enslaves you in its powerfully extreme embrace rewarding the listener with a brutally immense pleasure of rich and fulfilling sounds that will satisfy in abundance.

Dark Dream Dawn
Dark and sinister, yet bright and airy it possesses the soul quickly with tempestuous rhythmic swagger and engrossing perplexities but it comes as no shock as people who have and are following Deals Death will be expecting that and they do not disappoint on that level or any level.

Back To Consciousness
With fierce melodies, powerful rhythms and a vocal scathing like no other, giving attention to the finest detail, this track is openly impressive and provokes the listener with a ferocious and unbridled passion with the ability to make all who listen succumb to its wildly charms.

Author Of Arts
Quite a dominating track with its untamed vocal flexibility that niggles the ears with a vicious tongue and showcases Deals Death with their extreme skillful capability producing some fantastic mastery.

This is one highly intense album that I have had the pleasure and opportunity of reviewing in its entirety and really grateful for that. It prods the senses and leaves one thoroughly satisfied.  It simply bristles with clever precision, and is a raucous breath that when fused together gives out 100% perfection.  Its insatiable appetite serves to feed the hungry masses and delivers a powerful message – Deals Death is a force to be reckoned with and masters of their finely tuned craft – long may they reign supreme.

I cannot find anything negative to say about this album except perhaps it is too short – eleven tracks are just not enough for me, but then again 20 tracks would never be enough. The whole album is magnetic as it pulls you into its seductive creations and wraps you in a blanket of melodic swathe that cannot be rivalled.

If you have not yet heard Deals Death then what are you waiting for? I urge you to go out and get this album, if you like your metal perfected, finely tuned and skillful then this album will be right up your street. Buy it, listen to it and submerge yourself in its extremities of sheer indulgence – you cannot fail to be impressed from start to finish.  It is really hard to pinpoint a favourite track as they all hold something special, but for the extra touches check out ‘Flatline’ and ‘Beyond Reason’ if ever an album paints a picture – this one is the bio tapestry of the metal world.

  1. Point Zero Solution
  2. Facing The Echoes
  3. Escalation
  4. Flatline
  5. Passion For Infinity
  6. The Separation
  7. Paramount Authority
  8. Beyond Reason
  9. Dark Dream Dawn
  10. Back To Consciousness
  11. Author Of Arts